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Outdoors RV Wallowa Lake Annual
Summer Campout

The 2022 Outdoors RV Wallowa Lake Summer Campout dates will be June 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2022!


Camping accommodations can be found at:
• Park at The River (541) 432-8800

• Scenic Meadows RV Park (541) 432-9285
• Mountain View RV Park (541) 432-2982
• Wallowa Lake State Park (800) 452-5687 – Available 9 months out
• RV camping also available in the city of Joseph, Oregon



**Camping reservations available on a first come first serve basis thru the wonderful family owned parks and Oregon state park listed above”   Please contact these establishments directly to reserve your spot!



2021 Outdoors RV “Wallowa Lake” Summer Campout – Update


             It was very difficult when we had to postpone our 2020 Campout for health and safety concerns due to Covid last year as this event is always so much fun for all of our customers and our employees here at Outdoors RV!  Now here we were again,  1st part of March 2021 needing to decide what to do for our 2021 Campout!  With everything that has gone on over the past year we were trying everything we could to hold some sort of Campout in June of this year up at beautiful Wallowa Lake!   We wanted to at least say hi to all of you and thank you personally for your support of all of us here in the mountains of Eastern Oregon in La Grande!  A few weeks ago we posted on our website a modified version of our Campout that maintained our factory demo units located in the camping area for viewing and product questions but eliminated three of our large gathering events: the customer organized Meet & Greet S’mores night, our Outdoors RV service seminar, and our Outdoors RV sponsored lunch!  These large gathering events are still not permissible in the state of Oregon at this time and we did not know for sure what was going to be permissible by June of this year!  We came up with this modified version in trying to be as accommodating as possible by still having some presence up at Park at the River over this wonderful three day weekend!  Since posting this modified version both on our website and social media we have many customers saying how wonderful it was going to be to see everyone up at the lake again but at the same time we had many inquiries into how we were going to sanitize the trailers after each customer going in and out and how we were going to eliminate congregations of people down and around these demo units for the 5 hour window of time on Saturday that we were making these available for viewing!


After reviewing everything we just simply feel it is best that we again postpone our Wallowa Lake Campout for 2021 and focus on 2022 for hopefully a full event with all activities!  We do truly believe that the RV lifestyle is one that is a great outlet for so many of us during these times as getting out into nature reminds all of us as to why we love to RV!  So we hope as many of you as possible do keep your camping reservations up at the lake and enjoy this beautiful part of the world with your family!


Thanks again to the nice folks up at Park at the River for working with us over the years and allowing us to plan for the 2022 event!


2022 Outdoors RV “Wallowa Lake” Summer Campout Dates will be June 24th, 25th, & 26th!


Thanks again for everyone’s support over the years of the families here in the “Mountains of Eastern Oregon”!


Please be safe, healthy, and cherish the time spent in your RV this year!


We will look at continuing our normal Meet & Greet, Service Seminar and Outdoors RV sponsored lunch in 2022 once we know for certain large gatherings are safe for all in attendance!  Camping and being Outdoors is a wonderful activity for all of us to enjoy and we did not want to miss saying hi to everyone this year up at the lake!  Looking forward to seeing you up there!


We are very fortunate to have this pristine high-mountain glacier lake just over an hour away from La Grande, Oregon where we produce all of the Outdoors RV products.  Many of us here at Outdoors RV are active users of our products, using them as part of our active Outdoor lifestyle throughout the year.  To have the opportunity to camp side by side with many of our Outdoors RV customers for these 3 day weekends are priceless.  Whether we are relaxing next to the lake, mountain biking next to the Wallowa River, or sitting around the campfire, we are all able to discuss ideas of how to enhance the RV lifestyle along with sharing many of our fun camping adventure stories.



Here at Outdoors RV we call this campground talk or “Research and Development” as it is known in the business world.



Campground talk at these events will be with Outdoors RV team members



A big thank you to the Park at the River Campground for hosting the Outdoors RV campout and our local dealer Thompson RV for hosting the S’mores Night!


From the over 250 families working here at Outdoors RV we want to again say thank you – we would not the company we are today without customers like you!


If you have any questions on this year’s event please feel free to email



“Happy Camping” – hoping to see you up at the lake in 2022!